World's best job ever is available in Finnish Lapland!

Do you want to spend 6 weeks breathing the world's cleanest air and explore amazing nature in Finnish Lapland?
Do you have passion for photography and sharing you life in social media?
Are you looking for the #BestJobEver?

We want you to be our “Harriniva Ambassador”. Your job is to experience and share it to the world!

We demand the employee's ability to greet both colleagues and visitors in the morning, during the day and in the evening. You speak and write in English (other language skills are an absolute advantage). You do not have to be a wild man/woman who can survive in a -30 degrees Celsius in the wilderness, but you are still ready to shiver in the pure nature, admiring the amazing scenery. We hope you can use google maps and read the clock so that you are at the right place at the right time. Even better if you dare to ask for instructions from your colleagues. You can influence your working hours, but you are ready to spend a few nights on our safaris. Tools and friends include huskies, horses, reindeer, snowmobile, snow shovel, camera (you can take your own if you like so) and computer. You don’t have to be hard-core musher, professional cowboy, reindeer herder or Bear Grylls. We just hope you know how to pet our animals and dare to experience as much new things as possible. We will lend you warm clothes for outdoor activities because you won't be spending your days in a small and warm office. You are here to experience and make great content from your days in Lapland!

Please don't wait to get around by bus or tram, because here in the north we move by huskies, reindeer, horses and snowmobiles (and often by own car). Don't wait for the cinema's premieres, we admire the Northern Lights when nature allows it. Night clubs are a bit distant, you have to settle for our ice bar. Instead of skyscrapers, we only have a snow hotel. If you come from one of those metropolises, you love the hectic life of the city and the exhausts awaken you in the morning, unfortunately this may not feel like home to you. We only have the world's cleanest air and clean water around us. We recommend you to be a little crazy, it can be a strength here, because here in Muonio lives the happiest people in the world. Probably because we are all a little crazy here.

If six weeks in international company in the middle of the clean Lapland, experiencing our diverse activities and tasting Lappish flavours will make you interested and your head starts to turn towards north, then let us know it! We are really interested in what kind of content you may have done in social media earlier. Can you produce top pictures, videos and text? What kind of content would you create from our safaris, the aurora domes, snow hotel our delicious food, smoke sauna strange people and our pure nature? Tell it to us!

You can do this with smoke signs or letter, but we recommend using email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We appreciate the samples from your previous productions, the salary request for these six weeks, and possibly a link to video where you present yourself and your ideas to us.

Charm us with your application! Why would you be the perfect Harriniva ambassador?
If you have a friend who would be perfect for this job, feel free to tell about this job to your friend.



We offer you:

- 6 weeks to experience and share your experiences.
- For the period 4.2.2019 - 15.3.2019.
- Accommodation.
- Compensation for your work.

Your job includes:

- Meeting new people.
- Experience our activities.
- Sharing your experiences in our social media channels.
- Being happy.

We expect from you:

- Positive attitude.
- Adventurous and courageous personality.
- English language skills, other languages are an advantage.
- Experience in great content production.
- Ability to work independently.
- Driving license is an advantage.
- Want to experience Lapland at its finest.
- An application that will charm us.
- Please indicate your salary request.


Snowy Greetings from far North.
- Harriniva Team

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