Photo contest #LightsOfLapland 13th March to 16th April 2017

Participate in #LightsOfLapland Photo contest and win a fabulous overnight stay in Aurora Dome under the midnight sun!

Rules of the competition

Name of the competition: Lights Of Lapland -photo contest #LightsOfLapland
Competition time: 13th March 2017 - 16th April 2017
The organizer of the competition: Harriniva Ltd.
Theme of the competition: Lights Of Lapland

Method of participating:
All pictures are competing in the same category.
You can participate by downloading the image from 13th March to 16th April 2017 to Facebook or Instagram. Add hashtag #LightsOfLapland on the caption. On Instagram tag @harriniva_official and on Facebook Harriniva Hotels & Safaris. The theme will be Lights Of Lapland (for excample the northern lights, the spring sun, midnight sun, the polar night). Competitor must have all the rights to the image. Please note that in Facebook image settings must be public. You can also post your picture to Harriniva Hotels & Safaris Facebook page and add hashtag #LightsOfLapland.

Price of the competition:
The top three pictures are awarded with a one night stay in the luxury tent Aurora Dome (1-2 persons) during summer season 2017.
Winners will be announced at the end of the competition in Harriniva's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Choosing the winner:
The competition jury will select the ten best pictures to go to the finals. These final pictures will be added to Harriniva Hotels & Safaris - Facebook page, and the three most liked pictures will win. All voters will take part in a raffle to win Harriniva - product prize.

13.03.-16.04.2017 - Participating
17.04.2017 - Competition jury will select the top 10 finalists
18.04.-27.04.2017 - Final voting Harriniva Hotels & Safaris Facebook page
28.04.2017 - Announcing the winners

Image rights:
Participant agrees to comply with the Instagram and Facebook's own terms and conditions relating to the use of images.
The organizer has the right to eliminate a pictures if the participant does not own the rights to the images. The organizer also has the right to delete pictures that can be concidered offencive or which do not correspond to the nature of this competition. 
By participating in the photo contest participants give the right to use the pictures in all communications related to the competition. Other possible use of the pictures will be agreed on directly with the participant. The winners' names and contest photo may be published on the organizer's website, on Facebook and Instagram and the newsletter. 
Accepting the rules: Participants accept these rules by entering the competition and using the hashtags #LightsOfLapland in the image capture.

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