Film Friendly

We are part of House of Lapland's Film Friendly network. We have participated in House of Lapland's and the Finnish Lapland Film Commission's Film Friendly training. We know the basic needs of the film industry, and we are committed serving productions smoothly, efficiently and reliably.

Harriniva Hotels & Safaris offers versatile services for film and av-productions in the Fell Lapland region. We help locate shooting sites, produce reference materials, and offer a variety of accommodation services, catering, logistics services and transportation in West Lapland and the Arm Area.

We offer hotel and cottage accommodation, bunk beds, luxury cottages, snow igloos, ice restaurants, hut restaurants and various saunas. We have the oldest reindeer farm in Finland and the world's largest arctic sleddog center. We make full service experiences with the Best In Wilderness idea in untouched nature of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, Muonio, Enontekiö and Kilpisjärvi wilderness.

We are also snow building professionals and we build snow igloos and restaurants every year. We can produce snow during the day almost anywhere in the Western Lapland area. Harriniva Hotels & Safaris is one of the largest companies in the region and we have a diverse range of professionals.


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Whenever you seek to escape the stresses or everyday life and return to the wilderness, come to fell Lapland!

Our five destinations; Harriniva, Jeris, Galdotieva, Polar Flight and Torassieppi all have true Lappish atmosphere and enable you to choose a holiday that suits you the best.