Our wilderness style destination provides comfortable and cozy ambience to accommodate and enjoy your holiday.

This small destination offers cabin accommodation and accommodation in double rooms as well as camping and caravan places. At summer you can experience the old times Lappish life and stay overnight in traditional "laavu", "kota", "aitta" or "heinälato" or you can stay in peacefull wilderness cabin.

Double rooms in Torassieppi Cabin Village are situated next to the main building. All the rooms have own shower and toilet.

Torassieppi cabins are situated next to the lake in beautiful surroundings. Cabins with fireplace and cabins with sauna offers you peaceful enviroment to enjoy your holiday. Cabins with fireplace have own shower and toilet, kitchenette and fireplace. Cabins have place for 4 persons. Cabins with sauna have own shower and toilet and also own sauna, kitchenette and fireplace. Cabins have place for 4 persons and room for 2 extra bed in livingroom. 

Our specialities in Torasieppi are the snow iglos in winter and the Aurora Domes all year round. Our Aurora Glamping is the first official glamping destination in Finland and Northern Scandinavia. Aurora Domes provide a chill-free view of Scandinavia’s spectacular Northern Lights in winter and amazing midnight sun in summer time.


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Unforgettable memories in Finnish Lapland

Whenever you seek to escape the stresses or everyday life and return to the wilderness, come to fell Lapland!

Our five destinations; Harriniva, Jeris, Galdotieva, Polar Flight and Torassieppi all have true Lappish atmosphere and enable you to choose a holiday that suits you the best.