Reindeer farm 

Finland's oldest reindeer farm. 

The Lapinkartano Manor is the main building of Torassieppi. The place has been kept by the same family since 1847, with all its surrounding buildings and grounds. The reindeer economy has been practiced for over a century. Earlier, tourists stopped at the Lapinkartano Manor Inn on reindeer sleigh convoy trips from Muonio to Pallastunturi. At the manor and the old reindeer museum it is possible to get to know the old house, farming and reindeer herding equipment. Everything shown at the farm are traditional artifacts that have been used in this very same place.

The reason why this farm still exists and all the objects are there to see is very simple. There was no road to Torassieppi during the Lappish war (followed by the second world war). So it wasn't found and destroyed as was the case with most of Lapland during these times.

The reindeer are living in a vast reindeer fence where they are fed. They are for watching, greeting and enjoying short reindeer safaris. The reindeer at the farm are not used for meet production.

At the farm you can enjoy a visit to the manor and old reindeer museum included with many stories of the old days. It is also possible to include a short tour on a reindeer sled or a little bit longer safari including a picnic lunch by the fire. The most exciting safari is the one heading out on evenings to enjoy the quiet and dark forest waiting the for the northern lights to appear.

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