Arctic Spa

The perfect relaxation area after an active day outdoors. 

Arctic Spa brings into a complete relaxation with the lake view, hot pools and traditional smoke sauna. Lie down in one of the two heated pools and rest your eyes in the view over Jerisjärvi lake or in the winter over the snowcovered lake, forrest and fells.

You can warm up in an electrically heated sauna or test the real Lappish wood heated smoke sauna. For the really adventurous ones, there is a 25-metre illuminated ice pool, which is kept open throughout the winter. 

You can also book Arctic Spa for private use. 

Jeris Spa is open every day at 1 to 9pm until 24th April 2017.
Smoke sauna is warm on Wednesday and Friday at 3 to 9pm.



13.00-17:00, 10€
17:00-21:00, 15€

Spa and smokesauna
13:00-17:00, 12€
17:00-21:00, 17€

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