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Family run business in third generation.

Nowadays family Pietikäinen owns hotels, cabins, snow igloos, camping areas, Aurora Glamping, reindeer farm, world's biggest sleddog center, Winter Village, Polar Flight, and different kind of activities (safaris) in five charismatic destinations in Lapland.

Our greatest pleasure is to introduce you to the unique nature and fascinating phenomenon in Lapland. We love to offer once in a lifetime experiences to our guests with over 40 years experience ‘Best in Wilderness since 1973. 


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Our destinations in Lapland

Unforgettable memories in Finnish Lapland

Whenever you seek to escape the stresses or everyday life and return to the wilderness, come to fell Lapland!

Our five destinations; Harriniva, Jeris, Galdotieva, Polar Flight and Torassieppi all have true Lappish atmosphere and enable you to choose a holiday that suits you the best.