Our cabins are all located at the beautiful nature next to the river or lakes. 

We offer different kind of cabin accommodation to serve your requests. Simple camping cabins offers accommodation with reasonable price, comfortable cabins with sauna are for you if you want to relax after active day and in bigger cabins you can enjoy your holiday with friends and family.

Cabins in Harriniva are located by the river just next to the hotel. Camping cabins and cabins with sauna offers comfortable staying for four person.

Cabins in Jeris are perfect for families and group of friends. Cabins are situated next to the Hotel Jeris and short walk away from the hotel.

Torassieppi cabins are situated next to the lake in beautiful surroundings. Cabins with fireplace and cabins with sauna offers you peaceful enviroment to enjoy your holiday.

Galdotieva provides you cabins with amazing scenery, you can choose from comfortable cabin with shared facilities or bigger cabin with sauna. 


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Our destinations in Lapland

Unforgettable memories in Finnish Lapland

Whenever you seek to escape the stresses or everyday life and return to the wilderness, come to fell Lapland!

Our five destinations; Harriniva, Jeris, Galdotieva, Polar Flight and Torassieppi all have true Lappish atmosphere and enable you to choose a holiday that suits you the best.