Aurora Glamping

Spend an extraordinary night glamping under the northern lights.

A night in Aurora Dome is a unique way to experience the nature. The comfortable and warm Dome is a perfect place to enjoy the magical winter scenery of lake Torassieppi lit by the northern lights.

The Aurora Dome is a round igloo-shaped tent with Lappish themed decoration and one transparent wall. The Domes are completely insulated and a fireplace with an open fire gives out both warmth and comforting ambiance.

The Domes are situated by the cabin village of Torassieppi on the bank of lake Torassieppi. The transparent walls of the Dome are facing north to insure the best possible view of the starlit sky and the ever elusive northern lights over the frozen lake.

Mod cons e.g. toilet, shower and sauna are within easy walking distance. The Domes have beds for two but can also accommodate two extra beds.

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Winter Village 

Unforgettable memories in winter wonderland. 

Torassieppi Winter Village offer unforgettable experiences, you can stay in an amazing snow igloo, eat a delicious meal in the ice restaurant or enjoy a hot drink in the Ice Bar. Winter Village consists of snowhotel with igloos, ice restaurant and bar, as well as the winter activity park for the children and the childlike. 

You can spend an exotic night in a traditional snow igloo! Igloos have been used in the Northern countries for accommodation during centuries. The temperature outside can drop down to minus thirty degrees and your double bed is made of snow, but the temperature inside the igloo stays moderate. Soft and warm reindeer skins, thick sleeping bags and hot juice ensures a warm and comfortable night. The night will be memorable! 

Winter Village ice restaurant serves groups up to 50 persons. We are happy to design a special lunch or dinner menu for your group. 

Winter Village

Reindeer farm 

Finland's oldest reindeer farm. 

The Lapinkartano Manor is the main building of Torassieppi. The place has been kept by the same family since 1847, with all its surrounding buildings and grounds. The reindeer economy has been practiced for over a century. Earlier, tourists stopped at the Lapinkartano Manor Inn on reindeer sleigh convoy trips from Muonio to Pallastunturi. At the manor and the old reindeer museum it is possible to get to know the old house, farming and reindeer herding equipment. Everything shown at the farm are traditional artifacts that have been used in this very same place.

The reason why this farm still exists and all the objects are there to see is very simple. There was no road to Torassieppi during the Lappish war (followed by the second world war). So it wasn't found and destroyed as was the case with most of Lapland during these times.

The reindeer are living in a vast reindeer fence where they are fed. They are for watching, greeting and enjoying short reindeer safaris. The reindeer at the farm are not used for meet production.

At the farm you can enjoy a visit to the manor and old reindeer museum included with many stories of the old days. It is also possible to include a short tour on a reindeer sled or a little bit longer safari including a picnic lunch by the fire. The most exciting safari is the one heading out on evenings to enjoy the quiet and dark forest waiting the for the northern lights to appear.

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Our greatest pleasure is to introduce you to the unique nature and the fascinating phenomenons in Lapland, like the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. 

We love to offer our 'Best In Wilderness' adventures for you. We have wide range of different activities both in summer and winter time. Your holiday here in Muonio will be one of your 'once in a lifetime' experiences. So whenever you seek to escape your everyday life, welcome to Harriniva Muonio.



Our restaurant in Torassieppi is specialiced in local and organic food. 

Restaurant with 40 seats serves delicious, healthy and traditional Finnish food. Main ingredient are local reindeer meat, fish, berries and mushrooms.

Torassieppi Kota-restaurants offers awesome environment for dining and meetings. Aihki-kota and Poropirtti serves 70 people, Pikku-kota serves 30 people.

Winter Village ice restaurant serves groups up to 50 persons. We are happy to design a special lunch or dinner menu for your group.


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Whenever you seek to escape the stresses or everyday life and return to the wilderness, come to fell Lapland!

Our five destinations; Harriniva, Jeris, Galdotieva, Polar Flight and Torassieppi all have true Lappish atmosphere and enable you to choose a holiday that suits you the best.