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You are welcome to visit our new rooms!

We have renewed our rooms to serve better our guests' needs. New furniture, new color scheme, and bringing the surrounding nature to our rooms has given the rooms a great look. We have upgraded 24 rooms, including 12 Wilderness Plus rooms as well as 12 Wilderness Suites. Our new rooms will be ready just to the beginning of the coming season and we welcome all our guests to enjoy high-quality rooms and sleep in our new comfortable beds.

In the context of our refurbishment, we wanted to bring Lapland closer to our guests. Our guests will see this in carefully selected natural materials and other interior design elements. The unique beauty of Lapland is seen in hand-made wood and reindeer antler details, as well as in decorative landscape wall in each room. Each of our 12 Wilderness suites are unique and themed in 12 months in Lapland. Do you want to spend your night in snowy January, in the colors of autumn or in the midnight sun of June? Now you can experience the Lapland season you want in your own room.

- The renovation of the rooms has been an inspirational process from design to the last detail. Our whole team has genuinely "stick their necks out" and brought their own visions into unique details, from my brother Antti Pietikäinen's magnificent wall photos – to carpenter/guide Dirk van Uden's reindeer antler lamps and nightstands. Also, an important theme for myself, responsibility, is reflected in the interior decoration of the rooms. I can honestly say that the renovated hotel rooms are the 'best in wilderness', the best thing a wilderness can offer! An environment that looks like us and where you relax after the adventures of the day, "commented General Manager Niina Pietikäinen.

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Our cabins are all located at the beautiful nature next to the river or lakes. 

We offer different kind of cabin accommodation to serve your requests. Simple camping cabins offers accommodation with reasonable price, comfortable cabins with sauna are for you if you want to relax after active day and in bigger cabins you can enjoy your holiday with friends and family.

Cabins in Harriniva are located by the river just next to the hotel. Camping cabins and cabins with sauna offers comfortable staying for four person.

Cabins in Jeris are perfect for families and group of friends. Cabins are situated next to the Hotel Jeris and short walk away from the hotel.

Torassieppi cabins are situated next to the lake in beautiful surroundings. Cabins with fireplace and cabins with sauna offers you peaceful enviroment to enjoy your holiday.

Galdotieva provides you cabins with amazing scenery, you can choose from comfortable cabin with shared facilities or bigger cabin with sauna. 


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Special accommodation

If you are searching something more than traditional hotel room or cabin accommodation  we provide you the opportunity to experience something special.

At winter time you can stay at the Torassieppi Winter Village snow igloos or amazing Aurora Domes, at summer you can experience the old times Lappish life and stay overnight in traditional "laavu", "kota", "aitta" or "heinälato" or you can stay in peacefull wilderness cabin. Our Aurora Domes offer unforgettable memories under the midnight sun in summer.

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We offer camping and caravan places located in the beautiful surroundings by the rivers and lakes.

In Harriniva camping area we have 20 places for caravans and 20 places for tents located by the river. You don't have to search for restaurant services or activities for your holiday: we are offering river rafting in the Muonio river or you can visit the Worlds largest huskyfarm Harriniva Arctic Sleddog Center, Harriniva restaurant and Bar North serves you in the hotel.

Torassieppi caravan park is located on the border of Pallas- Yllästunturi National Park. Hiking trails starts from the yard, restaurant services are available to you every day and it is nice to visit in the reindeer farm and huskyfarm.

Galdotieva tent and caravan places are located nearby the lake with the magnificent mountain scenery. We offer comprehensive services for you; in the main building you can find reception, restaurant, shop and a gas station.

There are toilets and showers in the nearby maintenance building, and restaurant services at the hotels.

Camping places does not need to be booked in advance. Camping places are open from June to September. Other times please contact the reception! 


Hotel rooms

When you are searching comfortable hotel accommodation with facilities, we provide you different kind of options from single room to suite with sauna.

Wilderness style Hotel Harriniva provide comfortable and cozy ambience to accommodate and enjoy your holiday with your friends or family. 

Hotel Jeris double rooms are ideal if you are traveling alone, as a couple or with a friend. 

Double rooms in Torassieppi Cabin Village are situated next to the main building.   


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Our destinations in Lapland

Unforgettable memories in Finnish Lapland

Whenever you seek to escape the stresses or everyday life and return to the wilderness, come to fell Lapland!

Our five destinations; Harriniva, Jeris, Galdotieva, Polar Flight and Torassieppi all have true Lappish atmosphere and enable you to choose a holiday that suits you the best.