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Winter adventures in the snow

When the deep autumn colours are shrouded in the pure white snow, a whole new world of activities opens up before your eyes. We offer a vast range of activities, expertise and equipment to ensure you get the most from your adventure. From crosscountry skiing, snowshoe trekking, rally driving on ice to dog sled, reindeer and snowmobile safaries, we offer it all.

Winter is the longest of the Lappish seasons and lasts approximately 200 days. In Muonio on the 10th of December, starts the Polar Night when the sun does not rise above the horizon. It is the blue moment of the year and an experience in itself. Even though the sun does not appear, there are approximately 6 hours of daylight during the day and the glow from the moon, the snow and the Northern Lights give storylike surroundings for the winter activities. The next time we see the warming rays of the sun is on the 3rd of January.

See our weekly programme for individual guests or choose from one of the set packages for your group. We can also draw up a unique programme according to your needs. Contact us with the duration of your stay, the number of people and desirable programmes - we are more than happy to meet and exceed your wishes!

We invite you to the magical adventures in the snow!


Explanation of the husky paw symbols:

  short tour or low active level, suitable for children minimum 4 years old

 half day or medium active level, suitable for children minimum 12 years old

 full day or high active level, suitable for children minimum 15 years old


2 days or high active level, this activity is only for adults and might require a driving lisence






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